Susan M. Heim

Writer / Editor / Marketer

Chicken Soup for the Soul:

All in the Family

101 Stories About Our Funny, Quirky, Lovable & "Dysfunctional" Families

Is your family a little weird? Do you have a couple of "dysfunctional" family members? You're not alone! If you're familiar with Norman Rockwell's famous painting, "Freedom from Want," you may recall that it pictures the "perfect" family gathered for a holiday meal. But if you're like most people, your family gatherings look entirely different from Rockwell's portrayal!

Chicken Soup for the Soul presents YOUR FAMILY! This great new collection of 101 stories highlights our wacky yet lovable relatives, holiday meltdowns, funny foibles, and incredible in-laws, along with mroe serious stories about abuse, control freaks, and flare-ups. So pull up a chair and meet the family!