Susan M. Heim

Writer / Editor / Marketer

It's Twins!

Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence

Foreword by Vonetta Flowers, Olympic Gold Medalist and Mother of Twins

As any parent of twins knows, twins are a double blessing -- but also a double challenge! What a wonderful gift you've been given to be the parent of multiples! Of course, you know this and treasure your special role, but you've also discovered that life takes on an added dimension of upheaval when your kids arrive as a set! These challenges are unique to those in the "multiples club," and therefore standard parenting books are often inadequate to address the needs of families with twins (or more). That's why this book is so very helpful to parents like you who are navigating the turbulent waters of parenthood with twins. It offers stories and advice tailored to your own unique family situation. It encourages you to really appreciaiate your very special children, as well as learn how to handle the extra needs that accompany them.

Each chapter includes many real-life stories from twin parents. These heartwarming, often humorous tales will inspire you to treasure your little miracles and "hang in there" when times are tough. The stories are accompanied by helpful advice from the author and other parents of twins. Also included are "quick tips" on raising twins (something we can all use!), twin trivia and interesting facts, and other fascinating information about twins. Finally, a journal seciton with guided questions will encourage your to record your own special moments and memories in living life with twins.

It's Twins! is the "go-to guide" for all parents of multiples, whether you're a brand-new parent, racing after toddlers, having fun with school-aged kids or raising adolescent twins. With lots of common sense, humor and parental input, this book is sure to put the fun and love back into your ever-challenging role of raising twins.