Susan M. Heim

Writer / Editor / Marketer

Chicken Soup for the Soul:

Twins and More​

101 Stories Celebrating Double Trouble and Multiple Blessings

Welcome to the fascinating, frustrating and fun world of twins and more! These stories highlight the special bond that twins share, the joys and challenges of raising multiples, the unique circumstances of their arrival, the double trouble that twins get into, the multiple blessings of being a twin or having them in the family, and adventures in raising triplets and quadruplets, too!

Twins, parents of multiples, relatives of twins, or anyone interested in twins, triplets, and more will enjoy these inspirational, humorous, and touching stories. 

"Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More is funny and moving, insightful and inspiring. Life with twins is a chaotic, wonderful, joyful experience -- and this book captures it perfectly!"

~Soledad O'Brien, CNN, mother of twins

"Like the song says, 'I'm So Excited' that Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More is here! I have always been excited about our twin boy, Conor, and girl, Ali.... They are the other music in my ears and my heart. They bring me life-changing melodies. Raising twins is a song I'm still learning to sing."

~Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters