Susan M. Heim

Writer / Editor / Marketer

Chicken Soup for the Soul:

Finding My Faith

101 Inspirational Stories About Life, Belief, and Spiritual Renewal

Whether you're finding faith for the first time, or looking for renewal, you'll love these stories. Family, friends, or even strangers can inspire faith. Faith can show up in a miracle or an everyday event. It can hit you like a sledgehammer or whisper in your ear. Everyone's "faith story" is different, including:

  • Christine, who thought she was attending her last Mass ever, but was knocked to her knees during Communion and heard God's voice say, "Welcome home!"
  • Jeffrey, who asked God to motivate his dejected young son to fight his brain tumor, and then was amazed as Charlie Daniels made the boy his special guest at a concert
  • Ginny, who was planning to take her own life until a co-worker persuaded her to take a different path -- but later denied being at the office that day!
  • Patrick's daughter-in-law, who was about to be attacked by an assailant, until she called out to God, causing the man to turn away
  • David, who felt guilty about letting leaves blow onto the pristine lawn of a neighbor who later committed suicide, but found a divine message from the man -- a leaf in his pocket during the memorial service
  • Shawnelle, whose marriage was faltering until a snowstorm led the couple into a church where the pastor's words turned around their relationship with each other and with Jesus